Virtual Space FAQ

1. The app crashes on startup

Please check your firewall and antivirus settings first. Ensure that you’re up to date with the video card driver and Windows update. Also, please make sure that Rift/Vive and your display(s) monitor are using the same graphics card.

Virtual Space uses Unreal Engine, there’s a known crash issue with Nvidia cards at the moment, seems to be rather random with the cards that this happens to. We’re looking to update our version of Unreal Engine as soon as they have a stable patch for that. Unreal issue can be found here: We are currently using unreal 4.16 and in process of upgrading to 4.18, will release the update once it’s stable for us.

We have several reports from users experiencing crash with multi-monitor setup, the solution for now is simply use a single monitor setup. We thought this was fixed with a patch earlier, but seems the issue is still occuring, sorry about that. A patch will be added soon, a big thanks to Lionxv for bringing this to our attention.

If you’re on a Laptop with Nvidia card, our app will probably crash due to issues with Optimus driver at the moment. If it doesn’t crash, then you’ll probably just see a black screen inside our virtual environment. Please see faq #2 for a temporary solution.

If none of these work, please reach out to us at our discussion board on Steam or just email us at:


2. The app starts, and the background shows up but only a black screen is displayed inside the environment

If you’re on a Laptop, this is due to Nvidia’s Optimus driver. Laptop display is hardwired to the integrated GPU, and we’re capturing on the discrete GPU so you’ll see a blank screen (might have a giant mouse on there). We’re working on getting a patch ready for this. There is a work around for this at the moment. Try attach an external monitor to laptop, set the external monitor as main monitor and put the laptop in clamshell mode, this will avoid Optimus completely and Virtual Space should work after this.

We are also aware of users who are experiencing this problem with the above solution not applying to them, we’re working hard on resolving this issue.


3. Touch/Vive Controller doesn’t work

Currently Virtual Space does not support Touch/Vive Controller, we’ll be adding support for them soon along with virtual keyboard.


4. Can’t play my non-VR game on Virtual Space

Please try the game in windowed, windowed fullscreen or borderless mode. If you’re talking about steam games, you can try to disable Desktop Game Theatre. Goto Steam->Settings->In-Game and uncheck “Use Desktop Game Theatre when launching desktop games while SteamVR is active”. Or a much more convoluted way of play is to start the steam game you want to play first with SteamVR off, then launch Virtual Space.


5. Some .mp4 files are supported while others simply says Not Supported

Unreal’s default media player only supports a limited number of formats, we’re working on expanding the support for different mp4 encoders, please check back with us later.

Regarding the theater environment

We have received a few request regarding improvements to the theater environment, we are considering those request and are trying to figure out a way to do them.

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