Who We Are

Founded in 2016 by four young tech nerds, Virtual Space Inc. is a California based startup focusing on building top notch Virtual Reality software which will revolutionize how people work, play, and interact with their PC.

Currently we have finished building our first VR software-Virtual Space. Virtual Space is a Virtual Reality (VR) desktop application that will take full advantage of the new VR technology to create a true next-gen desktop. Through Virtual Space application, our users will be able to move, resize, and manage each window in true 3D space, watch 360 VR image and videos seamlessly, and launch VR applications or games all without having to constantly take off their headset to work with the computer monitor.

We have launched our public alpha testing on October 2017. Since the Alpha release, we have been well received by the VR community with a 4+ start review on Oculus Store. Our Power user logged more than 30+ hours per and average users spend more than 2 hour a week in Virtual Space.

We are a utility app developer, therefore building contents or games are not our goal at the moment. Instead, we are building VR utility app which will enable our users to enjoy the existing contents/games in VR.

Yong Lin

Internal Auditor at Deckers Inc., Built YesawayNorth America Branch from ground up, CofoundedKonamobile and published more than20 application and score millions ofdownloads. Business people but also a supertech nerd.

Eugene Guo

IT specialist, Programmer and 3D TechnicalArtist. Developed titles such as Silent Hill, ADucks Tale, Smurfs 2, on Nintendo, Playstation,PC and mobile platforms. Co-FoundedKonamobile and shipped more than 20 titles.Life-long technologist and passionate about allthings related to science & technology.

Jason Zheng

Oversea Project Manager at RiseSun. Workedas product designer at EasyMobi. Developedands ship more than 10 titles on Google Playand Apple App Store.

Don Lin

Programing lead, proficient in C++, C#, Javaand PHP. Expert with unity and experiencedwith unreal4. Co-Founded KonaMobile, coded& shipped over 10 titles on mobile platform,currently taken interest in VR and looking tomake impact through the technology.

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