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Popular Use Cases

Stream VR Video

Stream VR video directly to your HTC Vive or Oculus Rift

VR Video Player

Native VR video player to Play 180/360 degree video.

Personal Cinema

Watch your favorite movie and neflix shows in your personal IMAX theater

Big Screen Gaming

Play your favorite PC games with IMAX size theater screen


Virtual Desktop

Displaying windows Desktop in beautiful a VR environment.

Personal IMAX Theater

Play your favorite games or watch your favorite movies in a virtual IMAX theater.

VR Videos Streaming

Stream 4k 360 VR videos directly from all major video websites such as YouTube.

Native VR Video Player

Native VR video player to Play 3D side by side movie or 180/360 degree VR videos locally from your PC.

Native 360 Image Viewer

Native 360 Photo Gallery App to view stereoscopic 360 VR images and photos.

Custom VR Environments

Set custom VR environments using your own 360 images.


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